Magnum Finest Spirits - in our functionally innovative packaging using our revolutionary bag in a box format!

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Distilled from estate grown corn, with a proprietary barley blend, in small batches, using a centuries old family recipe. Distilled 4 times over, and aged in charred American Oak barrels, giving it a velvety texture, a bold unforgettable taste, with depth, and a smooth finish.​ A dignified sipping Bourbon, it is not lost in a cocktail.​ ​


Our ultra premium Vodka is sextuple distilled (6x) and produced with all natural ingredients, including sugar cane. Technically odorless and colorless, perfectly clear, flawless, giving this Vodka a polished, cold finish.​ A price /value that cannot be exceeded.​


Our Crystal Bootleg Gin is created with tradition, distinguished by juniper and a proprietary blend of botanicals.​


Cane Spirits with fresh squeezed Meyer Lemons. Refreshing Over ice, or in cocktails. 45 proof / 22.5 %Alc /Vol. Handcrafted and packaged in Murrieta, CA.

Mixed Drink -
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300 years of family distilling heritage

  • American Made / American Quality
  • Based in California: largest economy in the US
  • 5th largest in the world
  • Estate-grown natural, fresh, Non-GMO ingredients