Magnum Finest Spirits - in our functionally innovative packaging using our revolutionary bag in a box format!

Magnum Finest Spirits is a publicly traded company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Breezer Ventures Inc.
Ticker symbol OTC: BRZV


Magnum Finest Spirits is a distilled spirits and marketing company offering premium products with a 300-year history of distilling excellence and outstanding quality. Magnum is also distinguished from its peers and competitors by their innovative and environmentally conscious packaging – using Bag in a Box (BIB) technology, and original, billboard style labeling.

Magnum 1770 branded products are not Discount or Bulk. Their expanding product lines include an exceptional Bourbon, a premium Vodka, an esteemed Gin, and will soon be adding popular and delicious flavored Spirits and RTD (Ready To Drink) beverages.

Partnership with Kalifornia Distilleries

Magnum 1770 premium products are produced in partnership with Kalifornia Distilleries Inc., using centuries old recipes and techniques. The Tiller family’s distilling tradition can be traced back to 1731 and is documented from their roots in County Cork, Ireland.

The Tiller Family arrived in Virginia in 1780, moving across Georgia, Texas, and finally settling in Southern California. The Master Distiller’s secrets and expertise were passed down from generation to generation. Under the leadership of Billy Tiller Jr, Kalifornia Distilleries was launched in 2015.

Magnum Finest Spirits Inc (and the Magnum 1770 brands) were developed to expand and extend Kalifornia Distilleries premium product line using innovative packaging and BIB (Bag in Box) technology, with aggressive marketing and lifestyle branding strategies. This broad appeal is now being targeted from the most active sports enthusiasts to more casual, relaxed campers or boaters, to quality conscious and eco-responsible consumers.

The Magnum and Kalifornia partnership has a bright future, and will continue to drive growth and mutual success for both companies.

As a wholly owned subsidiary and core asset of publicly traded Breezer Ventures, Magnum will leverage this partnership’s shared ability to fund and launch new and trending products with innovative packaging. These will soon include flavored spirits, and entry into the Ready To Drink (RTD) segment, the No.1 fastest growing category in the industry.

I’ve taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me

- Winston Churchill -


Premium Spirits in Distinctive, Innovative Packaging

Distinguished by, and focused on eco-friendly, shatterproof, portable, unique packaging

“Drink inside the box”

The bag in a box technology is eco-friendly, from the ease it takes to recycle, to the footprint in your waste bag (about the size of your fist and almost weightless when empty and collapsed vs. a glass 1.75 liter bottle)​
This is a critical benefit when you’re outdoors, boating, camping, tailgating, or just being eco-responsible.